Goosebumps - The Game
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Goosebumps - The Game

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Goosebumps - The Game is a hidden object exploration with secrets, choices, and monsters at every turn. Tread carefully through this awesome adventure!

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Goosebumps - The Game is an adventure for the brave at heart. Players're in for a scare!

Goosebumps - The Game, based on R.L. Stine's infamous Goosebumps book series, is a choose your own adventure like no other! Your neighborhood has been overrun by monsters. Werewolves prowl the woods, gnomes roam underfoot, yet somehow you must survive! Use your wits to make clever choices and outsmart monsters. Play your way through the prequel to a major motion picture in Goosebumps - The Game!
  • play through the prequel to a major motion picture
  • carefully consider your choices to survive
  • immerse in a story based on R.L. Stine's famous books
  • stay sharp as you carefully navigate puzzles and save your town