Golf Peaks
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Golf Peaks

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Golf Peaks invites you on a relaxing journey through the mountains. Conquer more than 100 handcrafted golfing puzzles using a card-based movement system.

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Grab your gear and enjoy a relaxing game of virtual golf!

Golf Peaks is a relaxing virtual golfing game. Get lost in the beautiful mountains and drive your worries away! Move the golf ball using cards and climb your way to the top. Solve more than 100 handcrafted puzzles and enjoy the view! There's no need to pack your bags. Bring the fun of golfing into your home today with Golf Peaks!
  • Explore 9 different relaxing areas.
  • Enjoy a unique card-based movement system.
  • Embark on an easy-to-play golfing adventure.
  • Complete expert achievements and double the fun!