Gnumz - Masters of Defense
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Gnumz - Masters of Defense

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Gnumz - Masters of Defense shows how strong dwarfs can be! Using magic and the power of the elements, they build a chain of powerful traps. Can they keep the Wicked King out?

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Do you think dwarfs are cute and cuddly? Not when someone's trying to steal their ore. Get ready for defense!

Gnumz - Masters of Defense is an exciting strategy game. When a valuable mineral is found in the dwarfish caverns, the Wicked King orders the dwarfs to hand him the entire supply. But the dwarfs won't give up without a fight! Building a chain of traps just might stop the Wicked King. Use the power of the elements, and show you're clever enough to defend the dwarfs in Gnumz - Masters of Defense.
  • battle it out across 20 Iron Mountain levels
  • crush your invaders with the power of the four elements
  • discover a new game series in the Tower Defense genre
  • uncover a new fantasy world, with underground cities and mines