Gnumz 2 - Arcane Power
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Gnumz 2 - Arcane Power

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The dwarfs of Gnumz 2 - Arcane Power are not to be messed with! When their city comes under attack, they use clever traps and arcane power to fight off their enemies.

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These dwarfs are more powerful than ever before. No-one will take their city without a real fight!

In Gnumz 2 - Arcane Power, the city of dwarfs is under attack once again! But this time, the masters of the mountain are ready to stand up for themselves! Dig up riches, research technologies, and combine deadly traps with the arcane power of the elements to send the invading army packing! Prove to the world that dwarfs aren't to be trifled with in Gnumz 2 - Arcane Power!
  • defend your city across 40 stunning new levels
  • use deadly traps and spells to avert daring enemies
  • unlock the secrets of the Shadow Frontier
  • enjoy the sequel to the popular strategy game