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Glimmer was once the treasure of the dragon Melborn, but now he has craves more than gold! Fight foes and become a legend in this match 3 adventure.

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All that glimmers is not gold - An ancient dragon has set his eyes on a different treasure in this match 3 adventure!

Glimmer follows the tale of the dragon Melborn in the land of Elithium. Once upon a time, glimmer was the dragon's favorite treasure. But now, his greed has turned sinister, and he thirsts for blood! Choose to step into the shoes of either Myrna or Khar as you attempt to save the other from the dragon's clutches. It's a match 3 adventure of legendary proportions. Play Glimmer today!
  • explore 4 Elithium environments
  • discover innovative match 3 gameplay
  • use unique powerups as you play
  • follow the legend as one of 2 playable characters