Gizmos - Spooky Adventures
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Gizmos - Spooky Adventures

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In Gizmos - Spooky Adventures, a nonogram puzzler, you need to save the people of Gizmo Land! The Halloween celebrations have gone wrong, and now they have a ghostly problem.

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Explore Gizmos - Spooky Adventures, a nonogram puzzle game, and save the citizens of Gizmo Land!

Discover Gizmos - Spooky Adventures, a challenging nonogram puzzle adventure, and rescue the inhabitants of Gizmo Land! Their Halloween celebrations turned into a nightmare, when a large number of ghosts showed up. It's up to you and your Gizmo friends John, Sid, and Kurt to defeat them and save the day. Enjoy this amazing nonogram puzzle challenge now and play Gizmos - Spooky Adventures!
  • save the citizens of Gizmo Land from ghostly threats
  • join your Gizmo Friends John, Sid, and Kurt on a challenging mission
  • play exciting nonogram puzzles of up to 30 x 30 grids
  • enjoy amazing jigsaw mini-games, art style, and hours of fun gameplay