Gizmos - Interstellar Voyage
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Gizmos - Interstellar Voyage

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In Gizmos - Interstellar Voyage it's time for this lightyear's Intergalactic Nonogram Tournament! As your planet's representative, make sure you do your fellow citizens proud!

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The Intergalactic Nonogram Tournament begins, and you're the planet's representative. Do them proud!

Gizmos - Interstellar Voyage invites you to join the Intergalactic Nonogram Tournament! You've always had a love for number puzzles, and now's the time to prove your skill! Venture into all kinds of nonogram challenges, whether timed or relaxed, and compete with the best of the galaxy. Representing your home planet, make sure you do your people proud in Gizmos - Interstellar Voyage!
  • join the Intergalactic Nonogram Tournament
  • show your number puzzle skills and compete for the big prizes
  • try timed, relaxed, colored and uni-colored modes
  • earn all the achievements and crown yourself nonogram champion