Gems of the Aztecs
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Gems of the Aztecs

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Gems of the Aztecs puts a narrative twist on classic match 3 puzzling. Solve your way through a story of love, treasure, and adventure.

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Gems of the Aztecs shares the story of a hero chasing fortune to win his love's hand in marriage!

Gems of the Aztecs puts the player in the place of a young hero, going out into the world to seek his fortune. Rejected by the father of his love, Isolde, he must face challenges and discover fortune to prove his worth as a suitor. Explore 120 unique puzzles, refining your matching skills as you dodge traps and unlock treasures in Gems of the Aztecs!
  • dive into a story of love and fortune
  • solve your way through 120 unique levels
  • uses bonuses and combos to get top scores
  • uncover an ancient treasure and win your love's hand in marriage