Gas Station - Rush Hour!
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Gas Station - Rush Hour!

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In Gas Station - Rush Hour, a fast-paced and colorful time management game, you need to act quickly and manage your own gas station. Play now!

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Gas Station - Rush Hour, a colorful time management game, lets you manage your own gas station!

Play Gas Station - Rush Hour, a fast-paced time management game, and help Uncle Tony manage his brand-new gas station! Drag cars to pumps, put them on parking spots if it's crowded, and upgrade your gas station to collect bigger tips from your happy customers. Act quickly and think strategically as you take care of the many colored cars in Gas Station - Rush Hour!
  • manage your own gas station in this time management challenge
  • strategically put cars in the right places to earn color combos
  • use your hard-earned money to buy objects, power-ups, and upgrades
  • play Rush Mode for unlimited fun after you've finished Story Mode