Galaxy Quest
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Galaxy Quest

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Go on an intergalactic rescue mission across the cosmos.

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Go on an intergalactic rescue mission.

Go on an intergalactic rescue mission with the puzzling fun of Galaxy Quest, an adventurous journey across the cosmos.

During a routine research flight, your partner and his crew fell into a wormhole leaving no trace of their whereabouts. Only a final distorted radio transmission remains and it's all that you have to guide you. With your loyal companion robot C5-PX at your side, you'll have to crisscross the galaxy to find them.

See what unearthly dangers and challenges await you as you tackle 100 levels of Match 3 action. Meet helpful extraterrestrials, use the very latest power-ups, and collect crystals as you rocket from planet to planet in search of your partner and crew. With 100 bonus levels, entertaining mini-games, and zany characters, this gaming experience is out of this world.

See for yourself when you try Galaxy Quest today!
  • Search the galaxy for missing friends in an out-of-this-world Match 3 challenge.
  • See what unearthly dangers await you while tackling 100 challenging levels.
  • Meet extraterrestrials and use the very latest power-ups to help you through.
  • Unlock 100 bonus levels and play entertaining mini-games for added fun.
  • Play entertaining mini-games and enjoy a fantastic atmosphere.