Fruit Lockers Reborn!
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Fruit Lockers Reborn!

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Fruit Lockers - Reborn! has all the great gameplay of traditional Match 3 with a unique twist! Unlock lockers to match the fruit and save the store!

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Fruit Lockers - Reborn! is a Match 3 adventure to stop the thieves and save the fruit store!

Fruit Lockers - Reborn! is a Match 3 game with over a hundred levels to explore. Match your way through two layers of gameplay in each stage. Open lockers, match fruit, and stop the thieves from ruining your business. Challenge yourself with timed mode, or sit back and enjoy relaxed mode. Unlock hours of fun with Fruit Lockers - Reborn!
  • over 100 stages to match through
  • unlock 5 story chapters
  • take Match 3 to the next level with two layers of gameplay
  • enjoy relaxed mode or challenge yourself in timed mode