Fright Platinum Edition
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Fright Platinum Edition

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Fright Platinum Edition plunges you in the middle of nowhere, with only a creepy motel nearby. Surviving the mystery may prove impossible...

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What happened at this motel? Find and destroy the evil before it claims you, too!

In Fright Platinum Edition, a freak accident leaves you stranded amidst the cornfields. With a run-down motel as the only possible help, you have no choice but to go there. You discover people have disappeared here over the past 10 years - will you be next? Use your sleuthing skills to uncover the hidden secrets of the motel before you become its next victim in Fright Platinum Edition!
  • lose yourself in an engaging story
  • enjoy many extras, including concept art, wallpapers and the soundtrack
  • take advantage of a strategy guide if you're stuck!
  • find out how it all began in the bonus game