Forest Mahjong
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Forest Mahjong

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Discover the magic of Forest Mahjong. This game features 6 magical gameplay modes that will leave you feeling enchanted.

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Take a stroll into the woods, and discover a whole new world of Mahjong.

Discover a whole new world in Forest Mahjong. True to its name, discover 6 branches of Mahjong gameplay: classic mahjong, logical triple, find pair, 5 seconds, memory, and domino. Featuring dozens of levels set to relaxing music and easy-to-learn gameplay, this game is sure to enchant you. Enjoy the world of Forest Mahjong today.
  • choose from 3 difficulty modes, or customize your own
  • play 6 different game modes
  • use bonus abilities to clear tiles
  • enjoy both timed and casual gameplay styles