Flying Islands Chronicles
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Flying Islands Chronicles

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In Flying Islands Chronicles, a mysterious game, robots have turned against humans. Find out what happened and how you can turn things around. Play now!

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Play Flying Islands Chronicles, a management game, and find out why robots have turned against humanity.

Discover Flying Islands Chronicles, a mysterious resource management game! Robots have always helped humans with their garden, chores, and more. But all of a sudden, they turned against us. Follow a farmer in his quest to find out what's happened and how to bring peace. Save crops from ruin and remove debris from the roads. Can you turn things around? Find out in Flying Islands Chronicles!
  • collect resources as you clear roads, repair bridges, and more in this management game
  • recruit engineers and soldiers to help you take care of the land
  • finish your tasks in time for 3 stars in each level
  • earn achievements for collecting food, removing obstacles, and more