Flowers Mahjong
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Flowers Mahjong

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Play Flowers Mahjong and celebrate your love for both flowers and mahjong! Discover 7 different game modes, 140 levels and all the beautiful flowers you can imagine.

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Flowers Mahjong is a well-deserved break for your body and a great boost for your mind!

Flowers Mahjong is your well-deserved break and the spectacular boost your mind is yearning for! Discover a beautiful variety of flowers as you challenge yourself with your favorite mahjong games. With 7 game modes and 140 levels, you're all set for hours and hours of fun. What are you still waiting for? Celebrate your love for flowers with the colorful Flowers Mahjong!
  • surround yourself with beautiful flowers and all of your favorite mahjong games
  • challenging yourself with 7 different game modes and 140 dazzling levels
  • use the shuffle, hint, or undo button when you're stuck or need help
  • enjoy a relaxing soundtrack and multiple difficulty levels