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In Floria, a colorful match 3 enchantment, an evil sorcerer locked Floria's magic into tiles. Find every tile and help the land flourish again!

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Floria is a colorful match 3 game! An evil sorcerer stole the magic from the land. Restore Floria now!

Play Floria, an enchanting match 3 game, and save the land of Floria! Once, Floria was a prosperous place, until an evil sorcerer stole the magic from the ground, locked it into different tiles, and spread the tiles across the land. Travel throughout the land collecting every tile, and restore Floria's magic. Can you help the land flourish again? Find out in Floria now!
  • restore the magic in this colorful match 3 game
  • make matches with the correct colors to collect tiles
  • choose an assistant with special powers at the beginning of each level
  • enjoy unique solitaire and hidden object bonus games