Fisher's Family Farm
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Fisher's Family Farm

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Dive in Fisher's Family Farm, a pool of fun. Will you help Marissa save the family business? Feed fish, produce, pack, ship, and save a fish farm!

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Suit up for Fisher's Family Farm, a fishy time management game. Keep an aquatic farm afloat!

Join Fisher's Family Farm and suit up in your best swimming gear! Join Marissa Fisher and her buddy Frank for a pool of time management adventures. Marissa's parents' fish farm is on the verge of collapsing and it's up to you to keep it afloat. Take care of sea creatures, produce, pack and ship to make a profit. Fish up a lot of fun in Fisher's Family Farm!
  • manage an aquatic farm to save the Fisher family's business
  • watch out for robbing pelicans and their fishy business
  • feed your fish, produce delicious fish cakes and sell them for the highest bid
  • become a farm saving fish expert around the world and earn all awards