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In Finders, you need to help a group of workers rescue the valiant Altair! Brave your way through a wilderness full of obstacles and save the world.

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Enjoy Finders and save the great hero Altair, who's been trapped by a villain!

Play Finders and enjoy an exciting and challenging action game! The valiant Altair has been imprisoned by an evil madman, which led to disasters on earth. Together with a group of workers you need to rescue Altair to save the world. An ancient artefact guides the way, but the road is full of dangerous obstacles. Can you clear a path through the wilderness? Play the great Finders now!
  • brave your way through the wilderness to find and rescue the valiant Altair
  • collect resources, gather food and water, house your workers, and mine gold
  • play 100 challenging missions, and explore and develop four wonderful locations
  • enjoy exciting mini-games, challenging puzzles and 3-in-a-row tasks