Farming Fever Collector's Edition
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Farming Fever Collector's Edition

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Farming Fever Collector's Edition embarks on an immersive Time Management adventure! Manage a farm, harvest crops, and master the art of farming and cooking.

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Manage a farm and cook culinary wonders in a captivating Time Management game!

Farming Fever Collector's Edition is an immersive Time Management game! Take on the role of a farmer and a chef as you manage farms, create culinary marvels, and fill customer orders. Progress through the game to unlock new farms, explore dynamic locations, and master the art of balancing agricultural tasks and cooking dishes. Sow the seeds of success in Farming Fever Collector's Edition!
  • Explore diverse locations across 120 challenging levels!
  • Engage in strategic minigame puzzles.
  • Earn trophies as recognition for your hard work.
  • Unlock an exclusive farm with 40 bonus levels!