Faraway Planets Collector's Edition

Faraway Planets Collector's Edition

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Faraway Planets Collector's Edition blasts into space for an all-new GameHouse Premiere exclusive adventure. Manage time and resources as you explore uncharted planets.

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A GameHouse Premiere exclusive! Take a celestial journey to uncharted planets in a relaxing Time Management adventure.

Faraway Planets Collector's Edition blasts into space for a celestial journey like no other. Hop aboard an explorer shuttle and travel to uncharted planets. But the trip is far from easy; spending time on a tiny spaceship with a grouchy captain and a boring biologist is its own challenge! Help an explorer achieve their dreams in the GameHouse Premiere exclusive Faraway Planets Collector's Edition.
  • Blast into space and explore uncharted planets.
  • Complete over 50 diverse Time Management missions.
  • Take on assignments and make new discoveries.
  • Help a space explorer achieve his wildest dreams!