Fairyland Solitaire
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Fairyland Solitaire

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Fairyland Solitaire immerses you in an enchanting solitaire adventure! Explore mesmerizing landscapes as you solve solitaire puzzles and unlock hidden treasures.

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The fate of Fairyland is in your hands!

Fairyland Solitaire embarks on an enchanting solitaire adventure. Mischievous goblins have kidnapped the fairies, plunging Fairyland into darkness! Do you have what it takes to bring back the light and save Fairyland from the clutches of the goblins? Traverse mesmerizing landscapes, solve tricky solitaire levels, and unlock hidden treasures in Fairyland Solitaire!
  • Solve 200 tricky levels, each with its own set of obstacles.
  • Enjoy various minigames, including Slots and Match 3.
  • Utilize wild cards and power-ups to enhance your game.
  • Experience intense Card Battle Fights and claim victory!