Fable of Dwarfs
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Fable of Dwarfs

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Enjoy Fable of Dwarfs and discover a magical world with enchanted coffee machines! Complete your task to rebuild a city in this exciting action game.

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Play Fable of Dwarfs and help King Bob and his brothers by leading a real building expedition!

In Fable of Dwarfs, an exciting action game, you can develop yourself into a skilled building leader! King Bob relies on you to rebuild his destroyed kingdom. You'll find yourself in an underground cave, meet an old wizard and do a great deal more. On your way you you'll even learn how to make dwarven talismans. So don't forget to use your imagination in Fable of Dwarfs!
  • discover enchanted coffee machines in a magical world of dwarfs
  • rebuild a destroyed kingdom and receive eternal gratitude of King Bob
  • enjoy high-quality gameplay and enjoy beautiful graphics
  • set your own difficulty level to play relaxed or challenge yourself