Evy - Magic Spheres
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Evy - Magic Spheres

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In Evy - Magic Spheres, you need to guide the young Evy through a fairytale kingdom, as she tries to save it from an evil witch!

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Play Evy - Magic Spheres and help Evy save a fairytale kingdom in this bubble adventure!

Play Evy - Magic Spheres and enjoy an exciting bubble game! Prepare yourself to go on an incredible journey through a fairytale kingdom with the young orphan Evy. She's on a mission to defeat the evil witch that is threatening the kingdom with her magic spheres, and she could really use your help. Play Evy - Magic Spheres now!
  • defeat the evil witch that is destroying a fairytale kingdom before it's too late
  • help Evy use the right magic spheres to beat creatures like werewolves and goblins
  • complete 61 challenging bubble levels and play fun mini-games
  • enjoy wonderful landscapes and meet characters that could be allies or foes