Evil Orbs
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Evil Orbs

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Evil Orbs are everywhere! They make life on Earth a pain - and there's only one way to defeat them... Can you take control of a crazy scientist's weapon, and pop 'em?

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We think they came from outer space. We think they may be evil. And we KNOW they need to be popped!

Evil Orbs have invaded Earth! All of a sudden, they're everywhere - occupying every major city, and making life a pain. Conventional weaponry just can't touch them - but there is one way they can be defeated. Dr. Klaus von Hammersphere, a mad scientist, has created a device that can take them on - and you're the one who's been left in control! Pop the enemy out of this world in Evil Orbs!
  • blast the Evil Orbs from your screen and save the Earth
  • earn trophies and power-ups for perfect pops
  • play in Adventure, Relax, Duel or Challenge modes
  • help Dr. Von Hammersphere on this strategic rescue mission