Eventide 2 - Sorcerer's Mirror
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Eventide 2 - Sorcerer's Mirror

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Eventide 2 - Sorcerer's Mirror starts the second chapter of the series. Explore Slavic mythology as a spirited botanist eager to save her niece.

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Enter the enigmatic world of Slavic mythology in this exciting hidden object adventure series.

Eventide 2 - Sorcerer's Mirror begins the second chapter of the hidden object adventure series. Explore an enchanting world of Slavic mythology. You play the botanist who will meet imps, apparitions, and all form of magical entity along the way. A forgotten mountain village hides an immortal secret. Discover its meaning in Eventide 2 - Sorcerer's Mirror.
  • experience a story inspired by real Slavic legends
  • meet characters from Slavic folklore as you progress
  • test your nerve with trying minigames and puzzles
  • shape the story with unique alternate endings