Entwined - The Perfect Murder
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Entwined - The Perfect Murder

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In Entwined - The Perfect Murder, you need to find out who killed Adam Turner! All the people who were close to him seem suspicious, but who's really guilty?

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Discover Entwined - The Perfect Murder, an exciting hidden object challenge, and solve a murder mystery!

Explore Entwined - The Perfect Murder, a mysterious hidden object adventure, and find out who murdered Adam Turner! Step in the shoes of a detective and investigate this curious case. Turner was surrounded by people who would all benefit from his death, but only one of them is guilty. Can you find the evidence and reveal the killer? Discover Entwined - The Perfect Murder now!
  • investigate a curious case and find out who murdered Adam Turner
  • search for clues and evidence, and interview suspects to unmask the murderer
  • enjoy tons of hidden object challenges and interesting mini-games
  • store all the evidence you collect in your very own case file