Empire - Tales of Rome
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Empire - Tales of Rome

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Play Empire - Tales of Rome and enjoy a wonderful game where you need to use your 3-in-a-row skills to build the city of Rome!

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Empire - Tales of Rome is a challenging 3-in-a-row game, where you need to build the city of Rome!

In Empire - Tales of Rome, you need to build the city of Rome after you've been the centre of a bet between the gods Jupiter, Juno, Neptune, and Mars! It's a tough challenge, but with your fantastic 3-in-a-row skills, and a little help from the gods, you should be fine. Show that you're a great city builder in Empire - Tales of Rome now!
  • construct the city of Rome in a wonderful 3-in-a-row game
  • collect resources to start building and expanding the city
  • receive trophies which you can store in a special room
  • enjoy fantastic and challenging levels where you are protected by the gods