Elena's Journal - To Atlantis

Elena's Journal - To Atlantis

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Elena's Journal - To Atlantis sets out to find Atlantis! Discover an adventure full of plot twists and secrets of the past in this GameHouse Premiere exclusive.

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Unearth the secrets of Atlantis!

Elena's Journal - To Atlantis follows Elena and Nathan as they set out to find the lost city of Atlantis! But with a sinister enemy determined to exact revenge on Elena, she must use her strength and cunning to protect her work and her life at all costs. Will they discover the secrets of Atlantis and make it out alive? Find out in the GameHouse Premiere of Elena's Journal - To Atlantis!
  • Journey to Atlantis over 60 Time Management levels!
  • Explore thrilling locations set in the past and present.
  • Learn to tell the difference between friend and foe.
  • Travel back in time to unearth the mystery of Atlantis!

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