Egypt Picross - Pharaoh's Riddles
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Egypt Picross - Pharaoh's Riddles

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Get ready for Egypt Picross - Pharaoh’s Riddles, a true challenge for every puzzle fanatic! Discover ancient knowledge and explore the beautiful lands of Egypt.

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Play Egypt Picross - Pharaoh’s Riddles and puzzle your way through amazing Ancient Egypt!

Add Egypt Picross - Pharaoh’s Riddles to your 'to play' list, because you don't want to miss this one! Puzzle yourself a way through the beautiful lands of Ancient Egypt and discover historic knowledge. This game is a great combination between training your brain and relaxation. So would you like to keep sharp while having a great time? Then enjoy Egypt Picross - Pharaoh’s Riddles!
  • travel through Ancient Egypt for a wide variety of exciting puzzles
  • complete the challenges in 100 levels and 6 stunning locations
  • sharpen your senses, train your brain and test yourself in a fun way
  • enjoy rewards and trophies, beautiful graphics and a soothing soundtrack