Dwarves Craft - Father's Home

Dwarves Craft - Father's Home

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Dwarves Craft - Father's Home enters the stunning world of Dwarven smiths in a new GameHouse Premiere exclusive. Solve 150 challenging puzzles!

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Enter the world of Dwarven smiths in a stunning Puzzle adventure.

Dwarves Craft - Father's Home digs into the magnificent world of Dwarven craftsmen. Take charge of the smithy and rebuild your home on an exciting journey. Discover 150 stunning Picross puzzles and challenges! A colorful world comes to life with charming music and a riveting story. Experience the GameHouse Premiere exclusive Dwarves Craft - Father's Home today!
  • Pick your way through 150 challenging Picross levels.
  • Become a Dwarf craftsman and repair your family home.
  • Solve puzzles using logic and creative thinking.
  • Become an instant expert with easy-to-learn features!