Dreamcatcher - Manitou
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Dreamcatcher - Manitou

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Play Dreamcatcher - Manitou and visit the spirit world. Help Singing Star find hidden objects, appease the ghosts and save her soulmate White Wolf!

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Dreamcatcher - Manitou takes you on a spiritual adventure. Risk your life to save a soulmate!

Join Dreamcatcher - Manitou, a spiritual hidden object adventure full of unearthly puzzles! Singing Star and White Wolf's life was one of peace and harmony. Then, by a mysterious event, White Wolf vanished, leaving Singing Star in despair. Explore the edges of the human world and go beyond. Will you risk your life to save a soulmate? Appease the ghosts and play Dreamcatcher - Manitou today!
  • explore the world of spirits to unravel a mysterious loss
  • visit a faraway village and meet the beautiful Singing Star and her brave husband White Wolf
  • summon the ghost of Manitou and unleash captivating scenes and mini-games
  • risk your life in this magical story of love and faith