Dream Walker
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Dream Walker

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Dream Walker is a hidden object adventure whose stroll quickly turns to nightmare. Confront the Sandman and prevent him from taking over your loved one's mind.

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Venture into the dream world and confront the Sandman, the evil spirit of nightmares.

Dream Walker is the story of Carrol, a woman who can lucidly explore dreams. When her husband's mind is taken in his sleep by Sandman, the evil spirit of nightmares, Carrol's own nightmare is realized. Only by walking into the dream world can she prevent the Sandman from entering the real world. The world of dreams awaits in this mysterious hidden object adventure. Enter Dream Walker today!
  • explore over 90 game levels
  • find hidden objects scattered through dreams
  • overcome fears and walk through nightmares
  • rescue your husband and stop the evil Sandman