Drawn - The Painted Tower
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Drawn - The Painted Tower

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Drawn® - The Painted Tower™ brings images to life. Reach for the stars to protect the rightful heir to the throne. Look for hidden objects in unimaginable worlds!

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Play Drawn® - The Painted Tower™ and reach for the stars! Restore hope to a world covered in darkness.

Get ready for Drawn® - The Painted Tower™ ! In a world shrouded by darkness, a little girl stands tall as a beacon of hope. Reach for the stars to protect her. In an adventurous hunt for hidden objects, you discover portals to worlds you'd never imagined. Iris's special gift is the only thing capable of defeating a daunting evil. Bring images to life in Drawn® - The Painted Tower™ !
  • climb a cursed tower and enter painted worlds to save the rightful heir to the throne
  • use interactive hidden objects to open portals to astonishing worlds
  • imagine yourself to be a true adventurer and solve surprising puzzles on the way up
  • unlock a magical world full of mysterious challenges and meet its wonderful creatures