Dracula's Legacy
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Dracula's Legacy

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Dracula's Legacy follows Isabella, as she struggles to save her fiancé Matt. Countless obstacles stand between the couple, and only careful thinking will guide her through.

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Dracula's Legacy is a dark hidden object adventure into the depths of Dracula's castle. Can you escape?

Dracula's Legacy is among some of the best hidden object adventures. Solve your way past fearsome monsters. Immerse yourself in beautifully painted scenes to find clues. Discover unique items and creatively combine them to advance through the story. Can you help Isabella rescue Matt and escape this terrifying ordeal? Find out in Dracula's Legacy!
  • navigate visually stunning environments
  • decipher unique puzzles to advance through the story
  • reveal Isabella's mysterious past
  • help Isabella save her fiancé from villainous vampires