Dracula Solitaire
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Dracula Solitaire

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Dracula Solitaire invites you deep into the underworld. Help the vampire Grigorio locate a mysterious culprit and restore balance between otherworldly beings!

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In a town of vampires, werewolves, and magical creatures, peace isn't always an option!

Dracula Solitaire invites you deep into the underworld. Your mission here is of the utmost importance: Clear the card board while restoring peace to the underworld! When an ancient agreement is broken, you'll need to help the vampire Grigorio locate the culprit responsible. Take on challenging levels and discover a captivating story in Dracula Solitaire!
  • Help Grigorio find the mischievous culprit!
  • Clear cards from the board and complete challenging levels.
  • Discover the underworld through beautiful graphics!
  • Bring peace to the otherworldly creatures.