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Cursed is what you are! While you're busy looking forward to your soon-to-be marriage, your husband receives an offer he can't refuse. But maybe he should have...

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Ghosts, bats, dragons, and demons - evil spares nothing in cursing your wedding plans...

Discover Cursed! Life was never easy on you two, but you always had each other. Yet as your wedding nears, life takes a turn for the worst. After an irresistible request, your fiancé sets out to restore an abandoned mansion – yet never returns... You set out to find him, and run into ghosts, bats, dragons, and demons - evil spares nothing to block your way back to each other's arms. You're Cursed!
  • lift the curse of your soon-to-be marriage
  • find hidden objects in a mansion brimming with evil spirits
  • set out to find the way back into your lover's arms
  • play in Normal or Advanced mode