Cubis Creatures
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Cubis Creatures

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Discover Cubis Creatures, a fantastic 3-in-a-row sequel! Match cubes, and try to match every star cube for more points. Play now!

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Cubis Creatures is a colourful sequel in the unique 3-in-a-row series. Match cubes right away!

Play Cubis Creatures, a colourful 3-in-a-row sequel! Travel through six different worlds as you match cubes of the same colour. Fire off cubes in the perfect position to trigger fantastic chain reactions. Try to match every star cube to unlock new worlds faster. Are you a fast learner who's up for a challenge? Try to master Cubis Creatures!
  • enjoy hours of 3-in-a-row gameplay with 120 unique levels
  • discover six cute worlds to unlock
  • replay levels to improve your scores and collect every star cube
  • earn awards for achievements like removing more than 25 cubes with one cube, collecting all stars in every world, and more