Crossroad Mysteries - The Broken Deal
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Crossroad Mysteries - The Broken Deal

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Play Crossroad Mysteries - The Broken Deal and help a woman find a remedy for her terrifying nightmares, by digging up the secrets of her past.

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To remedy your terrifying nightmares, you'll have to dig up secrets from your past. Can you cope with what you discover?

In Crossroad Mysteries - The Broken Deal, a young woman is being haunted by nightmares. After determining that they must be being caused by her childhood, she decides to travel to a small town near an asylum, the first thing she remembers from her youth... Can you help her dig up her past and cope with what she's about to find out? Play Crossroad Mysteries - The Broken Deal today!
  • help a young woman find out what happened to her in her early childhood
  • go on an exciting search for answers through stunning locations
  • complete hidden object challenges and tons of mini-games
  • enjoy a storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat