Crime Secrets - Crimson Lily
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Crime Secrets - Crimson Lily

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In Crime Secrets - Crimson Lily, you arrive for your vacation just in time to get to work! A mysterious murder, a blizzard, what more could go wrong?

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Ready for a vacation? Too bad - as a PI, the crime at the doorstep of your hotel means back to work...

Crime Secrets - Crimson Lily, a hidden object adventure from the makers of Enigmatis, is an exciting detective story about a mysterious murder, a blizzard, and single clue: a mysterious paper lily attached to the body. Now it's up to you to solve your way through 30 hand-painted hidden object scenes in order to catch the killer in Crime Secrets - Crimson Lily!
  • solve your way through a mysterious adventure
  • explore 30 hand-painted hidden object scenes
  • solve tons of clever puzzles
  • catch the killer before it's too late