Crazy Belts
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Crazy Belts

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In Crazy Belts, a hectic puzzle game, you're in charge of handling luggage at the airport. Can you handle the craziness? Find out now!

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Crazy Belts is a hectic puzzle challenge! Manage belts to sort luggage in the right way. Play now!

Play Crazy Belts, a hectic puzzle game set in airport luggage handling areas! You're in charge of handling suitcases, animals, guitars, and more, with millions of people depending on your skills. Click the belts to move them in different directions, and make sure to match items with the correct colors. Can you handle the craziness? Find out in Crazy Belts!
  • handle luggage in more than 50 levels in this insane puzzle game
  • discover new cargo areas with increasing difficulty in more than 5 different countries
  • match the right bags with the right colors to earn a perfect score
  • take special care of bio-hazardous contents, VIP bags, and more