Claws & Feathers
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Claws & Feathers

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In Claws & Feathers, a strategic match 3 game, you need to help a flock of birds rescue their hatchlings from a gang of cats. Play now!

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Claws & Feathers is a strategic match 3 game! Make matches to clear a path and rescue kidnapped birds.

Play Claws & Feathers, a colorful match 3 strategy game! When the cats kidnap some of the chicks, the birds are angry and ready for action. Help them make matches to clear a path to their offspring, carry off cats that try to keep you from your goals, and unlock cages to rescue the hatchlings. Can you carefully make your move? Discover in Claws & Feathers today!
  • solve more than 50 challenging puzzles in this strategic match 3 game
  • carefully plan your moves, as non-matching moves result in more birds and cats on the board
  • discover a hilarious storyline with colorful characters
  • earn achievements for carrying off cats, completing levels with a gold medal, and more