Chillout 2048
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Chillout 2048

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Chillout 2048 is all you need for a well-deserved break! Leave the world behind and exchange it for a puzzle paradise. Can you merge the rain drops into the number 2048?

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1, 2, 4, 8, 16... This is pure puzzle lover logic! Can you shift, swipe and slide your way to the number 2048?!

Are you ready for Chillout 2048? All you have to do is sit back, kick up your feet and relax, as you put your brain to work! Leave the world behind as you puzzle your way through endless exciting levels. Shift, swipe and slide rain drops together to reach the number 2048. Take a well-deserved break with Chillout 2048!
  • merge like-numbered rain drops until you reach 2048
  • enjoy soothing water simulations and drift off in a puzzle paradise
  • challenge yourself with every new board
  • shift, swipe and slide your way through endless exciting puzzles