Chicken Invaders 5
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Chicken Invaders 5

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In Chicken Invaders 5, a fast-paced arcade game, you need to continue your battle against the chickens to save the world once again. Hurry up before it's too late!

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Play Chicken Invaders 5, an exciting arcade game, and continue your intergalactic chicken battle!

Discover Chicken Invaders 5, and enjoy an amazing arcade adventure! Just when you thought you defeated the chickens for good, they're back. This time they have an evil plan to block the sun and freeze the people of Earth to death. Can you travel around the galaxy to finish your intergalactic chicken battle once and for all? Save the world once again and play Chicken Invaders 5 today!
  • continue your intergalactic chicken battle and finish it once and for all
  • stop the chickens blocking the sun and save the world
  • complete tons of exciting shooter levels and amazing boss fights
  • discover 12 different powerful weapons and upgrade them

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