Chef Solitaire - USA
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Chef Solitaire - USA

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Chef Solitaire - USA will have you hungry for solitaire fun! Enjoy an extensive menu of solitaire variations and build your very own restaurant empire. Enjoy!

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Enjoy Chef Solitaire - USA and cook up a card game feast! Play solitaire to build your business.

Play Chef Solitaire - USA and put your chef hat on! Open your very own diner and make it a scrumptious success. Enjoy solitaire to your heart's content, bring your hamburger baking skills to perfection, and fulfill all achievements. The stars you earn will open up new opportunities all around the USA. Cook up a solitaire feast with Chef Solitaire - USA today!
  • build a solitaire fuelled restaurant empire in the USA
  • buy useful kitchen helpers with your well-deserved solitaire dollars
  • collect exclusive chef hats to fulfill all achievements
  • play finger-licking fun mini-games and solitaire variations