Catherine Ragnor - Blackbeard's Fury
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Catherine Ragnor - Blackbeard's Fury

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Catherine Ragnor - Blackbeard's Fury sets sail on a menacing Match 3 adventure! Help Catherine gather allies and power to defeat the notorious pirate, Blackbeard.

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Join Catherine on her quest to defeat the notorious Blackbeard!

In Catherine Ragnor - Blackbeard's Fury, Catherine returns home to find her village under attack by the notorious Blackbeard! Already dangerous, Blackbeard is now seemingly unstoppable as he wields the mighty Sword of Ocean Fury. Hellbent on revenge, Catherine sets sail to find the only weapon that can defeat Blackbeard. Embark on a voyage like no other in Catherine Ragnor - Blackbeard's Fury.
  • Solve 50 thrilling Match 3 levels across 5 chapters!
  • Upgrade Catherine's ship to defeat her enemies.
  • Explore tons of minigames and unlock upgrades.
  • Help Catherine defeat the notorious Blackbeard!