Castle Wonders 2
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Castle Wonders 2

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Castle Wonders 2 is the story of Willy, as he struggles to restore his beloved castle. Raise capital, find hidden items, and renovate the castle to save it from E. Ville Corp!

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Castle Wonders 2 is a hidden object adventure to save an historic castle from becoming a shopping mall!

Castle Wonders 2 is packed full of unique challenges and puzzles. Solve your way through to help Willy save the castle and stop E. Ville Corp from taking over town. Level up your character and unlock new levels and playing styles. Save up your money to invest in castle renovations. Keep your mind active with Castle Wonders 2.
  • beautifully painted hidden object scenes
  • challenge yourself with 15 different search modes
  • collect cash and invest it in castle renovations
  • explore the entire castle and stop E. Ville from taking over