Button Tales
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Button Tales

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Brighten your day with Button Tales! Discover the charming world of Buttonland and restore it to its former glory with over 100 puzzling Match 3 levels.

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Embark on a fantastical journey through the Buttonlands - a realm of puzzling proportions!

Button Tales chronicles the story of the Buttonlands - a realm of peace and charm - until they became ruins! Embark on a journey through the miniature world on a quest to restore it. Play through more than 100 unique and puzzling levels. Unlock challenging achievements and discover bonus levels. With delightful music and an enthralling story, you won't want to miss out. Play Button Tales today!
  • play more than 100 unique and challenging levels
  • unlock achievements and discover new levels
  • choose your difficulty with Relax and Normal game modes
  • puzzle your way through innovative Match 3 gameplay