Bubble Shooter Adventures
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Bubble Shooter Adventures

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Bubble Shooter Adventures is just what you need to take your mind off things. Sit back, relax and burst bubbles on your screen!

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Drift into hours of care-free bubble bursting, and empty your mind with every pop! pop! pop!

Take some time off for Bubble Shooter Adventures! Need a moment to put your mind at rest? Then drift off into hours of relaxing gameplay with this soothing bubble buster. Make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of tea and give into total relaxation. Have a blast, any time, any day, with Bubble Shooter Adventures!
  • explore the classic bubble shooter in ever-shifting stages
  • grab yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable and unwind with every click
  • enjoy calming graphics and soothing sounds as you play
  • have a blast with every board of bursting bubbles