Brownies Platinum Edition

Brownies Platinum Edition

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In Brownies Platinum Edition, an original time management game, you need to save the magical and incredible land of the friendly Brownies from the evil Boggart!

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Play Brownies Platinum Edition, a unique time management game, and save the magical and fascinating Brownieland!

Discover Brownies Platinum Edition and enjoy a time management game like you've never seen before! Mrs. Smith lands in the magical and fascinating Brownieland after drinking some of her missing grandmother's tea. Would she be here as well? The friendly Brownies might know a way home. But first you need to help them defeat the evil Boggart. Join the Brownies and save their incredible home in Brownies Platinum Edition!
  • find your grandmother and your way back home with help of the friendly Brownies
  • complete a tremendous variety of exciting time management challenges
  • explore a magical and incredible world full of interesting characters and surprises
  • enjoy wonderful places, beautiful graphics, and fairytale like music with Celtic influences