Braveland - Wizard
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Braveland - Wizard

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In Braveland - Wizard, Diana's decade of magical study is coming to a close. Her final test awaits, and the reward is the title of true wizard!

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Braveland returns with a wild and wizardly adventure to prove yourself worthy of magic!

Braveland - Wizard is a classic turn-based adventure, with all the best elements of gameplay, story and strategy. Start a magical journey as Diana, aspiring wizard on the road to completing her final test. The Great Library has been quiet for years, and monsters and ghosts are everywhere. Expand your skills and recruit your team as you walk the road to true wizardry in Braveland -Wizard!
  • unlock tons of skills on a huge talent tree
  • solve a new array of unique battles and encounters
  • immerse in hand-drawn artwork
  • build a brave team of monks, archers, wizards and more